Louvers | Extruded Adjustable | A-LEB-06

Blade Style: Adjustable
Blade Angle: 45
Blade Spacing: N/A
Depth: 6"
Free Area 48 x 48: 46%
Area Velocity FPM: 852

Model A-LEB-06 is the 6" deep adjustable variant of our classic J style step-bladed louver.  The blade design features a rear water baffle and provides good protection against general weather conditions, with low pressure drop characteristics and a high free area. Reinforcing bosses run the full length of each blade for superior strength and added weather resistance when in the open position, and are able to fully close as well for tight shutoff.  This is ideal for systems requiring periodic operation or an added level of weather protection. The A-LEB-06 comes with either a manual operator or factory-mounted and calibrated electric actuator.  Syncing the electric actuator with intake or exhaust fan operation with auxiliary switches allows for positive control of ventilation while minimizing water and outside element penetration.