Louvers | Extruded Adjustable | C-DWE-AF (46)

Blade Style: Fixed/Adjustable Airfoil
Blade Gauge: .081"
Blade Angle: 45°
Blade Spacing: 4-1/8"
Depth: 6"
Free Area 48 x 48: 49%
Area Velocity FPM: 937

Outstanding for use in warehouses and other large spaces that require a high degree of weather-protected ventilation, C-DWE-AF (46) is an extruded aluminum combination louver and control damper that incorporates front stationary drainable blades and rear adjustable airfoil blades all within one single frame.  The drainable blades provide excellent weather protection for exhaust and low to medium velocity intake applications, and the airfoil blades on the control damper contribute to tight shut-off when no airflow is required.  The C-DWE-AF (46) comes with a standard manual operator, but may be ordered with a factory-mounted and calibrated pneumatic or electric actuator.  Interlinking of the actuator with auxiliary switches to the intake/exhaust fan allows for complete positive control of the overall system.  The C-DWE-AF (46) is AMCA Licensed for assured performance.