Louvers | Extruded Stationary | C-LEB-04

Blade Style: Combination Intake & Exhaust
Blade Gauge: .081"
Blade Angle: 45°/90°
Blade Spacing: 5"/3"
Depth: 4"
Free Area 48 x 48: 47%/90%
Area Velocity FPM: N/A

Combination intake and discharge louver in one economical frame, the C-LEB-04 utilizes one wall opening to perform both intake and exhaust ventilation functions that would typically require two separate louvered openings.

This is accomplished by combining 4" horizontal (90°) formed aluminum exhaust blades and our traditional step (45°) extruded louver blades in specified proportions suited to your application, with the horizontal blades maximizing free area and minimizing pressure drop for the exhaust ventilation and the upper blade surface turn-back on the intake blades enhancing the weather protection for low to medium velocity intake applications.