New Paint Line

We are pleased to inform you that Safe-Air Dowco is currently installing a new in-house paint line. Our New Kynar System is currently fully operational. We will be fully AAMA2603, AAMA2604, and AAMA2605 certified early January 2019.

What does this mean for you?

In the long run it will mean shorter, more competitive, lead times per industry standards.

Unfortunately, short term it will mean longer lead times for painted material. Our paint department is under construction for the above-mentioned changes. Until our new system is set up we will be outsourcing all our custom painted louver products.

This means:

  • Plus-2-week lead times on all Kynar and Baked Enamel finishes.
  • Plus-3-week lead times, consistent with our Standard Lead Time sheet, on all Anodized finishes.

We apologize for any inconvenience(s) this may cause you but keep in mind that shorter lead times are upon us.



Also, we are proud to announce that as of August 2018, we are again a Sheet Metal, Blue Label Union, Local 73 Manufacturer. We understood that for Safe-Air to remain competitive in the larger markets we needed a union presence and so it was done.



Lastly, we know you’ve asked for them and we are working hard to get them to you; 1st Quarter of 2019 we will have our new product line brochures completed. In detail, we will have our entire updated Louver, Accessory, and Damper lines available for you.

The same reliable Safe-Air products you’ve come to know and love with an updated new look.


Updated 01/02/2019

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