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Online Pricing Application(OPA)

We always have you, our end user, in mind when updating our Online Pricing Application (OPA). We have made a noticeable amount of changes to improve your user experience. If you haven’t used our OPA in a while we strongly recommend you look again.

We have:

  • Actualized our prices to compete with industry standards
  • Made visual updates for improved readability
  • Updated our navigation tools for easier quoting and ordering
  • Improved our editing tools across the board
  • Integrated popular product add-ons that were previously only available through request by special instructions
  • Removed many system bugs and unexplained errors

These improvements are only a few of the many we have made. We urge you to login and discover them all!

New Paint Line

We are pleased to inform you that Safe-Air Dowco has installed a new in-house paint line. Our New Powder Coat System is currently fully operational. AAMA2603, AAMA2604, and AAMA2605 certification coming soon...

What does this mean for you?

It means shorter and more competitive lead times per industry standards.


As of August 2018, we are again a Sheet Metal, Blue Label Union, Local 73 Manufacturer. We understand that for Safe-Air Dowco to remain competitive in large markets we need a union presence.


Coming soon...

Updated 09/09/2019

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